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Allflex LPR Reader

11.68 usd

Displays the transponder numbers of the HDX / FDX transponders read from the Allflex LPR Reader.The read transponders are displayed and stored in a list.The last read transponder is displayed first.By clicking on an entry of the transponder list, a single entry can be deleted or all entries can be deleted.Automatically connect to the most recently used LPR reader.Automatically start the app when using with NFC tag (NFC content = Bluetooth address of the LPR reader)
The read transponders can be saved automatically and are displayed when restarting (Set in Set)Possibility to define two actions, which are used as information for the read transponders (Set in Set).Export the transponder list using Share.Output the transponder file in /storage/emulated/0/Transponderlist.csv
If an animal assignment file is available, the transponder's name is automatically displayed and stored for each transponder read.Animal mapping file must be stored as "Name_Sender.csv" in / storage / emulated / 0 /. Date build: Name; Sender