Allflex LPR Reader Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Allflex RS420 Reader working with the iLivestock App.

This videos shows just some of the benefits of using the new Allflex EID reader with the iLivestock application.

LPR Reader Durability Demo

The LPR Reader by Allflex is extremely durable. Here you'll see it being subjected to some severe conditions.

Allflex Cattle Tag Options: Overview

Andrew describes each of our visual cattle tag size options and their suitability.

Allflex RS420 Green Stick Reader (Extended version)

The new RS420 Green Stick Reader by Allflex ticks all the boxes! In this video you will see it subjected to extensive durability tests demonstrating just how ...

RS420 Quick Action Feature

This video shows you how to set up the Quick Action Feature on your Allflex RS420 Stick Reader. This will allow you to enter the Menu Screen simply by ...

Glenn Fischer, Allflex

Glenn Fischer, senior vice president for Allflex USA, talks about Allfex's partnership with Holstein USA.

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